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Look at the grin on his face! (John May’s, the deer just looks a bit ticked off…)

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Editor’s Note:  Forty eight year old John May of Arizona has been shooting PSE bows for almost 20 years and has enjoyed some great hunts to take a variety of animals with his different PSE bows.

I was hunting with my guide and now good friend Darin Dickey, in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, and Hugh, my brother. While traveling there, all I could see were wheat fields and wheat field stubble   no trees and no deer. Colorado always had been known for its mule deer, however, in recent years, quite a few whitetails moved in out there. When we first met the Dickeys, they had some rather large mounted white tailed deer on their walls. So, I assumed there must be some deer out there somewhere. We started driving around country roads and glassing fields, looking for horns sticking up out of the grass. We started seeing some deer, and…

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