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Nice edit on the inside of the top limb 😉

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Editor’s Note:  Forty eight year old John May of Arizona has been shooting PSE bows for almost 20 years and has enjoyed some great hunts to take a variety of animals with his different PSE bows.

I’m originally from Indiana, so when I got to Arizona, I teamed up with Gary Cooper, Danny Yount and Brian Helm, who taught me how to hunt Coues deer. I was basically a tree stand hunter at that time and had little experience in stalk hunting. They helped me get set up and learn how to use tripods, binoculars and spotting scopes to find game. Brian Helm had found an area when he was quail hunting that had a lot of deer sign in it. For me, the Coues deer were very elusive. Just about every animal wants a Coues deer for dinner. Mountain lions, coyotes and bobcats have caused these deer to…

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