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Now this is a hunt I’ve often thought about – most of the African game doesn’t excite me, the various antelope and so forth, and I don’t have any desire to hunt any of the predators over there, but warthog. I would just have to say “Hakuna Matatta” after the shot.


Wart Hogs are one of the least expensive trophies in Africa, yet one of the most exciting for a bow hunter.

While many bow hunters take Wart Hogs from a blind, the real excitement comes when stalking them. Wait for a constant wind before you attempt stalking one of these pigs. Their primary defense is their powerful since of smell. Walk slowly and keep an eye out for large borrows in which the Wart Hogs sleep during the night. They will come out at first light and continue to roam an feed all day. Once a pig is spotted, keep playing the wind and when it faces away from you, try to silently close the distance quickly.

I have seen many clients walk up to within 10 meters before shooting. The one in this photo is definitely a trophy (longest tusk is right at 14 inches after removal)


Dennis Kamstra

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