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20 years! Holy CRAP, I’d have forgotten what they LOOK like by then! (And I thought the 4-6 years of building points up for gator in GA was bad..)

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Editor’s Note:  Forty eight year old John May of Arizona has been shooting PSE bows for almost 20 years and has enjoyed some great hunts to take a variety of animals with his different PSE bows.

For over 20 years, I had applied to get an Arizona buffalo tag, finally drawing a tag in 2011. I didn’t really know a lot about the area where I’d be hunting, so I relied heavily on the knowledge of Corky Richardson, Tracy Hardy, George Richardson, Phil Dalrymple, Randy Ulmer and his son Jake. They knew the area very well, because they all had taken buffalo there and had helped other people take buffalo in the same region. Without their help, I would have been totally in the dark about where to hunt and how to hunt. The hunt was on House Rock Buffalo Ranch, near the north rim of the Grand Canyon…

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