Posted: 06/26/2012 in News

That’s an accomplishment…


Just completed a safari with a longbow client from America.

This was his first trip to Africa and he wanted to take a Cape Buffalo. His equipment was equal to the task. He was shooting an 86 lb. Howard Hill Longbow with Hickory shafts and 320 grain Tuff-Head Broadheads (two blade, 3.2 inches long by 1.2 inches wide, single beveled, factory sharpened with Teflon coating). Total arrow weight was 950 grains (heavy arrows are mandatory for deep penetration).

This was a 10 day safari and we were in a good area with lots of old bulls (Dagga Boys). On the third day we made contact with 3 lone bulls and the stalk was on. When we closed to within 15 meters, one of the bulls presented a slight quartering away shot. The shot placement was very good (right on the shoulder crease and 1/3 up from the belly line). We waited an hour…

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