Books to Read: Jim Corbett – Man-Eaters of Kumaon

Posted: 06/23/2012 in Hunting
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YEARS ago, when I was but a wee archer, I discovered a book on my father’s book shelf that I don’t even think HE knew he had.  It was Jim Corbett’s “Man Eaters of Kumaon.”

I’d say I was probably between ten and twelve years old, and this book just fascinated me, and it still does.

At first glance, most folks would think ‘Oh, this is a book about man eating tigers!’ and never think twice about it, but the book is more than just a collection of ‘…and it ate 15 villagers before it was killed.’  In fact Jim Corbett covers a good part of his career as a professional hunter, explaining WHY these big cats turned into man-eaters.

The author even takes part of the book to cover the life of his hunting dog, Robin, and cover how he came to own the faithful dog, as well as it’s various adventures dealing with Jaguar.

Any hunter with an appreciation of books would enjoy this, there is still a wildlife preserve in India that bears Jim Corbett’s name, where Bengal Tigers and other wildlife are somewhat protected.

Take some time to read this if you get a chance, I’ve linked the page to the title of the book, above, and the image of Jim Corbett.  You’ll thank me.


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