Movie Review: Prometheus

Posted: 06/20/2012 in Entertainment, News
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Ok, first NO spoilers here – none. Zero. Zip. Not telling you SQUAT!!

The basics you need to know going into this film are:

  • This is based in the SAME universe as Ridley Scott’s 1979 film “Alien” and all of it’s sequels, including the Predator films.
  • There are direct links between the films, all of them. You have to pay ATTENTION. Turn the smartphone OFF. I mean it!
  • Go see it in IMAX. While I would argue ‘folks, STOP filming everything IMAX in 3D, it’s more annoying than it’s worth,’ the IMAX theater’s sound system and screen make up for wearing goofy 3D glasses.
  • Don’t bring little kids.  I’ve lost track of the films I’ve seen in the last three years where, 20 minutes into the film, somebody without a brain has to get up and take their TODDLERS out of an R-rated film. (Been YEARS but I actually saw somebody with three kids UNDER FIVE at “Blackhawk Down.”)
  • I loved, L O V E D this film.  The ONLY criticism I have agrees with one of the professional reviews I read “Why would you cast GUY PEARCE as an old man and then have to cake 1/2″ of makeup on him?”
  • And my last note, Michael Fassbender – Ireland, if you can keep bringing people like this up, the world will thank you. The man is an AMAZING actor in the role of David.


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