A Hunter’s Dream Bow and Buck with PSE’s Marty Henrikson

Posted: 06/18/2012 in News

..note to self, send this guy some of my lasagna, get him hooked, refuse to cook more of it until he starts taking me with him on these hunts…

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Editor’s Note:  Marty Henrikson of Tucson, Arizona, has been shooting PSE bows for 36 years. Henrikson, an avid bowhunter, competed for many years on the 3D archery circuit and also won the Arizona Cup in the compound division.

Question: Marty, why did you start shooting PSE bows?

I started shooting PSE bows as soon as I discovered that recurve bows weren’t very efficient. Even back in those days, like today, PSE had some of the newest technology in bow design. PSE made a bow called the Pacer, and as a graduation gift from high school, I received the PSE Laser Magnum.  I was very successful with the Laser Magnum and hunted with it for several years. The Laser was so dependable; I never saw a reason to change from PSE bows.

Question: Do you strictly bowhunt, or do you also shoot target archery?

For a number of years, I…

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