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Posted: 06/17/2012 in Gable Sporting Goods, Gear, Hunting, Hunting Camp, Tips and Tricks
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I’m planning on hunting hogs on a very tight budget later this year – so I plan on camping at various Wildlife Management Areas in August and September.  While the nights can cool off a bit during those months in Georgia, there are nights where the temperature just doesn’t cool off nearly enough for comfort.  Based on that, I’ve been looking at ways to keep the tent cool during these hunts.

I have seen some common sense advice at , such as ‘bring a battery powered fan,”  and I’ve seen some people who prefer to answer that question with inane responses such as ‘how do you keep a tent cool in 100′ heat? Don’t camp in that kind of heat.’  Hmmm… let’s see, I think if I was the one who asked the question, I would have had a few sharp responses to that non-answer.

S0… common sense stuff.  Pitch the tent in the shade, yeah, that does help a bit, mainly by putting you on ground that is hopefully somewhat cooler than the baked clay out in the open.   The battery powered fan idea is pretty good too.  A couple of other ideas I’ve come up with involve possibly using a cheap spray bottle to coat the tent’s fly sheet in a fine mist before bedding down, since evaporation would help cool the tent, however I’ll be in GEORGIA, where the humidity at that time of year ranges from 60% to ‘you feel like you’re ten feet underwater.’

The website eHow added a few bits of useful information, like selecting a tent with a large screen area to make better use of any breezes, which is fine, my tent is almost all mesh with an external rain fly that goes overtop.  eHow also pointed out, just as Always Outdoors did, that drinking a lot helps prevent dehydration, which is always a good safety tip, but not what I asked of either site.    Another good tip involved using a small bag of ice against the back of the neck, which leads me to perhaps look into finding some affordable sports-medicine ‘break to freeze’ style cold packs. I can get 48 of these through for just over $100, however that’s probably about 30 more than I need.

I’ll keep looking and thinking about it, and update as needed.



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