Grim Reaper – Pre-season Review

Posted: 06/15/2012 in Archery, Gable Sporting Goods, Gear, Hunting, News, Tech
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I’ve used the old Bear Archery fixed blade broadheads (Back in the 1980’s), if you’ve been around long enough, you’ll recognize these:

In the 1990’s, I used NAP Thunderhead 125’s for deer in Ohio and West Virginia.  I switched to Muzzy’s when I lived in New York, I didn’t have any complaints about the Thunderheads, I just had a chance to buy Muzzy’s at a very good price as a staff shooter for a local shop, and I’d heard amazingly good things about them, so I bought some and liked the way they shot.

Last year, when I finally had the opportunity to get back into bowhunting and 3D archery, the folks at Gable Sporting Goods recommended Grim Reaper broadheads.

Now, I still had a dozen or so Thunderheads in my tackle, I still had about half a dozen Muzzy’s, and back in the early 1990’s, I’d heard and seen some really, really poor results from mechanical broadheads, despite what was supposed to be the advantages of field-tip accuracy.  These looked sturdier, and came with a non-opening practice tip, so I thought “I’ll try these out.”

Sadly, I did not get a shot during archery season last year.  My daughter was injured (broken pelvis) in an accident up in Ohio, and I spent the first week of archery season up there instead of hunting.  Overall, out of a planned 20+ days in the woods during bow season, I think I managed 4 days.  One very small doe stayed in a treeline near me, and honestly, I probably could have gotten a shot off, but with the underbrush and small trees, I decided my chances of getting a clean killing shot were far less than ideal and just watched her tick off the squirrels by eating their acorns.

So – accuracy.  Out to 50 yards, I see absolutely no difference between the Grim Reaper and my field tips. None.  I plan on hunting hogs and deer with these this year, starting in August (unless anyone has private land with hogs on it in GA that they want me to come hunt.  Anyone? Anyone?) and continuing through January-February.  I’ll report results when I have more information. Until then, here are some of Grim Reaper’s ballistic gel tests.

The sound seems a bit out of sync on this one, but it’s good information as well:

(Hmmm… torture test archery equipment, how do I get that job?)


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