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I would love… L – O – V – E to go on a hunt with these folks…

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Editor’s Note:  Marty Henrikson of Tucson, Arizona, has been shooting PSE bows for 36 years. Henrikson, an avid bowhunter, competed for many years on the 3D archery circuit and also won the Arizona Cup in the compound division.

Question: Tell us about another deer you’ve taken with your PSE bow.

In 1973, I took a very memorable mule deer. I glassed him when he was up on a hill, and then he moved down into some flats. I had seen the buck in the morning and went back later in the day to try and hunt him. He had been traveling with a lot of does in the morning, and that made him hard to stalk.  When I went back in the afternoon, I found the buck again, but he only had one doe with him. So, I was certain I could get in close enough to get a…

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