PSE’s Keith Hubbard Got his Bear in Southern Arizona

Posted: 06/11/2012 in News

Makes my black bear from 2010 look like a puppy…

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With record high temps this past weekend…my honey hole paid off again. In a 24 hour period, I had 5 bears come in. The first afternoon yielded a large sow and cub. On the second day, I was about to climb into my tree stand when I heard a noise. I looked up the hill and saw this bear coming in, so I detached my safety harness, untied my bow and waited for her to enter the water. As she walked in, I sneaked over to within 15 yards, after spending 1 minute or so in the water she began to turn around so I drew. When she stopped, she was facing me, but a few seconds later she turned enough to give me a quartering shot. The arrow entered the shoulder and exited the opposite rear quarter; she ran about 70 yards and piled up. I can’t get…

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