PSE’s Frank Pearson Tells What You Learn at Archery School

Posted: 06/07/2012 in News

Seems like I’ve been reading about Frank Pearson all my life, and happy to do so.

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Editor’s Note: Frank Pearson, owner and operator of the Frank Pearson School of Archery and the personal archery coach for Pete Shepley, founder and owner of PSE Archery, has seen the evolution of the bow from the longbow when he first started shooting and competed with up to today’s modern bows and most technical PSE equipment. If anyone knows archery, and how to help an archer shoot better, you can rely on Pearson. This week Frank Pierson will give us practical tips on how to shoot better, whether you are a tournament archer or a bowhunter.

Question: Frank, how long does your archery school last?

The school lasts for 2 days, and most of my students either work in the archery department of large sporting goods stores, or they are owners of bow shops that they are about to open. These people must know how to fit their customers with…

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