End of Summer Food Plot?

Posted: 06/07/2012 in Hunting, Management, Tips and Tricks, Wildlife
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By: C.D. Denmon
Posted on: 08/03/09

A view of one of our fields that has a variety of plots for various times of year.

When most people think of planting food plots, they envision planting them during the months of May or June, and then watching their crops grow throughout the spring and summer months. Many don’t view the dog days of summer as a time to be planting food plots. Most deer hunters plant the usual varieties of plants to give their local deer the extra nutrients to encourage healthy body weights and antler growth. Unfortunately, most of the hunters really aren’t providing their loca

l deer the well rounded, yearly feed that they should be providing.

The predominant plantings are made up of the different varieties of clovers, and while they do provide added nutrition to their diet and their ability to bulk up for the coming harsh weather, you won’t see deer utilizing it nearly as much as some other plant varieties that can give them the added nutrition they need when they need it most. Deer have a knack for switching from food source to food source depending on weather, temperature, location, palatability and their overall desperation for food.

We have been planting food plots on our properties for nearly 20 years, starting out with the obvious clover choices in the beginning and then evolving into more elaborate food selections to provide deer with a quality year round diet. Perhaps the most common planting combination is the clover and corn combo. The clover provides warm season food source and a hunting plot, while the corn provides a late fall and winter food source and still a huntable food source as well.

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