Product Review: B-Stinger Competitor Stabilizers

Posted: 06/04/2012 in Archery, News, Tech
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I recently added B-Stinger stabilizers to my competition setup. I have the 24″ Competitor, and the 15″ Competitor back bar, with 2oz out front, and 8 oz on the back bar.

I have to say, I’ve never had a stabilizer setup, in 25 years of shooting competitively, that really, really just ATE all the shock and vibration in the bow.  I can, if I do my part right, literally watch the arrow clear the pin and arc directly to where the pin is covering the target.  Granted, I hold that still about one out of six shots, but that’s ME, not the setup.   Another factor is noise suppression.  When I fire my Bowtech Insanity CPXL, with 29# Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak arrows, the ONLY sound you can hear is the *click* of the Stan Shootout! release’s trigger, and the *ting* of the Trophy Taker rest.  Nothing else, no vibration, no string noise, not a sound.


I’m probably going to pick up the hunting stabilizer for my my Bowtech Specialist too.


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