Archery Checklist – Understanding variants that affect your shot and accuracy

Posted: 06/03/2012 in News

I struggle with form all the time now – have to get back into shape…

Rasher Quivers

There are several things that may alter your shot and make you inconsistent on the target. By learning these points and how they affect your shot, you can identify the problem with your shot and fix it.


You may find yourself in many situations where your stance will have to change, but the one thing that must stay consistent is that your stance should be solid. A wavering stance is no different than a shaky hand. Practice shooting in different stances to stabilize your shot in each stance. Doing this will prepare you for any awkward position you may find yourself in.  In addition, make sure that changing your stance does t=not have an effect on your anchor point.  Certain positions may shorten or lengthen your overall draw length to your anchor.


When you draw your bow everything should move in a strait line. From the tip of…

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