Where to shoot a hog 101

Posted: 06/02/2012 in Archery, Hunting, Tips and Tricks, Wildlife
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Hogs are not the easiest beast to kill and successfully recover. Shot placement is very important! Most hunters try and shoot a hog in the same area they would a deer but the kill zone is much smaller and more critical. Always better to aim low and forward then high and back. Take a good look at this drawing of a hogs anatomy so you will remember next time you’re in the field hunting hogs you will have the confidence you need to make the right shot. Most hunters shoot a hog a little further back as if it were a deer and they end up gut shooting the hog. The hog will die but will usually be pushed far away as the hunter searches for his hog.

If at all possible smell the blood you find and if it has a terrible pungent odor then you went through some guts and it might be best to pull out and give the hog time to lay down and expire before tracking any further. Hogs don’t usually bleed very well also which makes them a tough critter to recover which is even more reason to make your shot count. Good luck and shoot straight!
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