Movie Review: “The Grey”

Posted: 05/18/2012 in Entertainment, Reviews
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Ok – as I begin to write this, we’re about 45 minutes into the film – and I stopped enjoying it about 30 minutes ago. I love Liam Neeson – I’ve liked his work since Krull.  (I’m not saying I liked Krull – even when I was young, that movie sucked.) The wolves are terrible – they look bad, they don’t behave ANYTHING like any documentary, reference source, or first hand account I’ve EVER read, watched, heard, or leaned on at Barnes & Noble.  Not to mention that a tiny fire in a clearing, without wind breaks, a reflector, etc, will do nothing to warm the people around it.

And that’s just the start of the issues. Why would you cook a wolf 3′ over an open fire in below freezing weather. Wouldn’t work. Why would the FUR not be singed? If the fur isn’t burning, the meat didn’t even get warm.  Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who thinks this film in any way reflects how non-diseased wolves would behave (“30 miles from the den… “Wolves are the only animal that will seek revenge.”) needs to read “Never Cry Wolf” by Farley Mowat.    Yes: I know there are problems with that book, but seriously, these wolves ‘…sent an Omega in to test…’ one of the characters? The Wife jumped up and yelled “Wolves don’t have REDSHIRTS!!”

The cinematography was good, the acting was good, the sound was mediocre (that could be my surround sound, never can tell unless you’ve seen it both in the theater and at home) and the special effects terrible.  If possible, I would like about 65% of my rental fee back for this one – I can’t believe it cost $25,000,000 to make, and IMDB reports it made $51,000,000 at this time.

I dont’ know if I’ll make it the rest of the way through the film.

Send help. (We have pizza).


(aka Dyrewulf)


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