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Great photo! (Buck looks ticked off though…)

Originally posted on PSE Archery Blog:

By Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren

Jared Bloomgren and Family

Jared Bloomgren and Family

I share bowhunting with my family and friends in many different ways. To this day I still bowhunt with my older brothers every chance I get. My biggest bull elk to date was shared with one of my brothers and another memory that will never be forgotten. My other brother and I go on bowhunting trips together when we can. He has four children who also love the thrill they get while hunting. My best friend and I venture out on backcountry trips often looking for the elusive trophy bucks and bulls we all seek. Every one of these adventures with friends and family is cherished beyond recognition and brings us closer.

Jared Bloomgren and Wife

Jared Bloomgren and Wife

Most importantly, I share my hunting with my wife and children. My wife is a very good shot and I have enjoyed watching her shoot numerous…

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